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My name is Kerrie Lloyd-Dawson. I discovered gardening when I bought a house with a small garden. It was autumn and after receiving the RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants for Christmas I spent winter and spring turning the pages trying to identify the emerging plants. Gardening became a way of winding down from the stresses of working life as a lawyer. I met Pete and a joint gardening passion grew so much that we decided to buy a bigger garden (the house being incidental).
Armed with an updated RHS Encyclopaedia I spent hours selecting plants for the new garden and a plant collecting addiction took hold. We opened the garden for our local festival and very soon were accepted to open for the National Garden Scheme. I began writing this blog to share my enthusiasm and to give people ideas about plants and combinations to try in their own gardens. This has developed into a freelance writing career. I have also become the Publicity Officer for Hertfordshire NGS.
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I have written garden features for The English Garden magazine (Rustling End Cottage - September 2016, The Manor House - December 2017), Top Ten species features for the The English Garden (species tulips - spring 2018, variegated foliage - September 2018), and I have contributed articles to GMG and NGS newsletters. More garden and plant features are in the pipeline!

I also give talks to local gardening groups - please use the contact form to enquire about topics and availability.

You can see some of my writing on award-winning international gardening website, Garden Drum:

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